Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Creating Compaq Presario F572 Recovery discs

This is a must since CompaQ does not include those in the package. Of course you can always contact their customer service and ask/demand that they send a Recovery disc like they did in the good old days.

But you can create Recovery discs on your own easily. It's not hard, but it does take a lot of time. This is a task that you do in parallel with other things (watch TV, read, clean, dance, etc).

For whatever reason, Compaq only allows you to make one set of Recovery discs, which is a bit strange since optical media can either fail, get lost or destroyed. The common sense approach to backing up valuable data is to make at least two copies. And a recovery disc is certainly valuable material! What were you thinking Compaq?

Creating the recovery discs is a two-step process. Step 1 creates the recovery files on your hard disk. You do not need to put a disc in the optical (cd/dvd) drive. Step 2 takes those files and puts them on optical discs. Each disc is written on and then verified to make sure the recovery discs will be operational if/when you really need them.

If you use blank CDs, you will need 10 of them. If you use blank DVD-R or DVD+R, you will need two, and if you use a blank DL you only need one. I chose to use blank DVD-R discs. I was surprised that the burner burnt almost all the way to the edge of the discs. For something important like a Recovery disc I thought it would be wiser not to fill up the disc completely. But what do I know? :)

First I tried an Office Depot 8x DVD-R. I have been using them for a while in other burners and I consider them fairly reliable. The files were written on it, but the disc failed the verification process. So after that I decided to use the most reliable discs I have, Sony Made In Japan 8x DVD-Rs. No problems there, the discs were recorded and verified.

I forgot to time it but it takes hours (maybe 2-3?), certainly not minutes to complete. However it is a relatively straight-forward process, even if you have media problems.


Jim Millard said...

I tried to use DVD+R DL from Verbatim, and they didn't work. The recovery disc creation program froze after 5% and 2% each of the two times I tried. Given the cost of the DL media, it made more sense at that point to order the recovery disc set from HP. Unfortunately, the HP store failed to correctly evaluate the CCV code on my credit card, so I couldn't make it work there, either. I ended up chatting with tech support; they decided that they'd send a set of discs free-of-charge rather than fool with the troubleshooting issues. I should receive them any day now, having received a shipping confirmation over the weekend.

xylene said...

will the recovery link/ file from the laptop D drive be automatically deleted once I create the disc?

Anonymous said...

No, the recovery partition remains intact.

High Tech User Reviews said...

I haven't tried any DL discs yet (I don't have any since they cost a lot more than SL). I dont' have any lightscribe either, so I haven't tested that part.

But I have also noticed that the optical drive seems to be the achilles heel of this laptop so far.

I haven't burned a lot of dvds yet, so I don't know which brands it likes. The bundled Roxio Basic I did not like, it seems too basic and too jittery.

I should look it up online to see if they have any profiles for the Optiarc drive saying which dvds it likes to eat and which ones it does not.

It is really sad that the manufacturers don't even include a Recovery disc with the computer. It's not like we are buying a $5 gadget, it's a $500 computer!