Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What's in the box?

This is the box (with the sides cutoff from the picture). I forgot to include a ruler in the picture, the dimensions are 16" inches wide, 13" deep and 7" tall (as pictured)

A close-up of the Compaq "Q"

When you open the box, the "Begin" quick start up guide is right in your face. They want to make sure you read that one first.

The wrapped computer sits on top of a cardboard box that has everything else. Now let's be gentle with it...

And here is the computer itself...

Now let's open the cardboard box and see what goodies Compaq has for us! On the top left, wrapped in bubble is the laptop's battery. On the top right we have the AC adapter and cable. On the bottom left we have the power cable.

On the bottom right we have a semi-fancy red envelope (the big red thing in the picture). Inside we have:

  • 40-page Quick Reference Manual (that's all you get in print, along with the quick start guide).
  • Limited warranty
  • A list of worldwide telephone support numbers
  • A notice in the shape of a disc to make your own Recovery (Restore) CDs or DVDs because they are not included in the package
  • A notice that some Microsoft titles such as Works may be included with the computer without a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA)
  • A shiny 12-page booklet from the HP Home and Home Office Store, selling all sorts of PC accessories. The last page includes a coupon for 10% off any accessory. The coupon expires 7/31/2007
  • A Windows Anytime Upgrade notice and slim-line keepcase of a DVD with upgrade software. This requires a separate purchase of additional Windows software. The seal says "do not insert and run this software until you purchase an upgrade license". How optimistic of them: "Until", not "unless"? :) You should do this only if you really want to upgrade to ...a higher Vista. [Correction: Previously, I incorrectly wrote Vista Home Basic, but this computer has Home Vista Premium].
  • And last and least, the obligatory promotional paper materials which includes AOL, Vongo, and Vonage.

    This is the battery (left side of the picture that contains the serial # was cropped out)

    This is part of the keyboard

    Booting up for the first time. One of the first screens you see:

    Now after a few minutes of running the automated first-time set-up

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