Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Accessory #3 Review: Sandisk 1gb Cruzer Micro SDCZ4-1024

I got it at Office Max for $10 on sale this week. (You can also price-match it at your favorite retailer since it is featured in this week's Office Max circular ad).

The Sandisk code on the back is SDCZ4-1024-AB10. Software included: Cruzer Lock 2, and trial versions of Pocket Cache and CruzerSync (in case anyone cares :)

This is a silver/gray USB Hi-Speed 2.0 stick, with a green light that shines bright during connection and use. If you find the light annoying or if you use the computer in dark places, this may be a pro or a con, depending on your preferences. Compatible with Vista, 2000, XP and Linux. For Windows 98SE you can download the drivers from Sandisk.com. Click on the Downloads tab to quickly get to the drivers. Going through the product pages is a roundabout. As if those two sites were designed on different planets. (Certainly not the only website that has a split personality like that). The drivers come in a .Zip file.

No U3 or ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost is a Vista feature that allows Vista to use the flash drive for its own purposes. Sort of like temporary expansion memory. When I installed this, Vista showed the Ready Boost option was active for this flash drive, but I did not test it (yet). The drive is not advertised as a ReadyBoost drive... U3 allows you to replicate your computer experience regardless of which computer you use (sort of). Some of the software participating in U3: Firefox, Mozilla, Trillian, Skype (eBay's user to user communications program), Open Office, a Weather Bug, games and more. Some may find this useful some may not. But anyway, this USB flash drive does not have U3 :-)

The USB drive comes in a tight blister pack, which is very annoying to open. And I'm not the only one who thinks that. There are even detailed websites with tips on how to open blister packs. Even a Wikipedia entry. And you can always google something like "how to open a blister pack" for even more tips. There's apparently a number of products that are advertised/marketed for exactly this purpose! The things one learns from the internets :)

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