Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crash #2, Accessory #3 , Performance and ...fingerprints

In today's episode, we get Accessory #3, we get our 2nd crash (also media related) and talk about some performance numbers.

Crash #2
The second crash was also related to the media drive. Coincidence? I put a CD-R with mp3s in the cd/dvd tray. The Vista menu came up asking me what to do. One of the options was to import it (using Roxio Import). Since I am doing this snail-pace review, I decided to try it out. The Roxio Import program started up but immediately froze the whole computer. Nothing worked. Not even ALT CTRL DEL. The only thing that worked was press and hold the Power button to turn the machine off. After a restart it came up fine, and the files were smoothly transfered to the hard disk using Vista's Windows Explorer.

Accessory #3 Revealed!
Accessory #3 is a Sandisk Cruzer Micro 1gb USB flash drive (stick) that on sale for $10 at Office Max. I started writing about it and the post grew longer, so I decided to give its own accessory review post right here :-)

Copying an Imation CD-R (not sure what speed) of mp3 files from the CD drive to the hard disk had an average transfer rate of 2.2MB/sec. Copying mp3 files from a Sandisk 1gb Cruzer Micro USB stick to the hard disk drive had an average transfer rate of 11.5 MB/sec. Ouch for optical? :)

No this laptop does not have a fingerprint security technology, but its cover attracts fingerprints like bees on honey. Most of the suggestions I found with regards to laptops are for the screen, but there are some that talk about fingerprints from the laptop cover (the top of the laptop when it is closed down). I am having a blank on the formal name. Apparently Mac users ran into this problem with their sleek looking black Macs. Here is a Google Search that has some answers

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