Saturday, August 25, 2007

Official Compaq website for the Presario F572us

This model is not listed in the current line-up of HP/Compaq notebooks. They actually only feature very few models. But you can always search for it/them by model name. Here is the official Compaq/HP page. They also have the specs listed in summary or in-full (printer-friendly page), and you can also download the specs in a PDF file (1.4MB). There is also a link to register it.

The Compaq/HP Support page for this model is here.

The model # is F572-US, not F572, there is also an F572-AU (Australian?) version according to the support site. The part # also identifies the whole computer and it is GF596UA#ABA for this unit. You may have noticed this number in the url of the official Compaq/HP page that I posted above. Directions from Compaq on how to locate these physically on the computer or via software (SI)

Compaq has five PDF files under Manuals. I haven't read them or even downloaded them yet, so I can't help much there (but I will eventually and post an update)

If you are looking for official HP/Compaq parts and accessories, check the HP Parts Store and enter the model # of this notebook. You can also search by category (eg batteries). Ironically the Compaq site says "your product is not supported for a Vista upgrade". Of course this comes with Vista pre-loaded, so I'm not sure what they are thinking. They should fix it otherwise they may confuse current or potential buyers and users :)

They also have user-support forums on their website, but they are not by model name, but rather by general category (eg Presario/Pavilion notebooks forum). Here is what a search for Presario 572us produces


Anonymous said...

The "Vista Upgrade" to which they're referring might mean Vista business or Vista Ultimate. I upgraded my personal f572US to Windows XP Pro. It runs great now, and it runs all my software, too.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get some help some where since day one I have had nothing but issues with this comp it is slow freezes all the tiime it sucks to be honest and I have contacted HP a million times and they can not help me either which I find amazing since it is thier product. I do not have any files on the comp or any thing because it doesnt let me do a damn thing how can I get it to stop freezing up all the time, stop running slow the screen goes black,can I up grade the memory on this and would it help if I did?

High Tech User Reviews said...

I think this looks like more of a fundamental problem. It is not a question of just adding more memory.

There are ways to bring it up in debug mode or load up only the bare essentials and then perhaps you may be able to find what is wrong. You can also look at the various status reports and such. I'm sure there are websites with more detailed information on how to check all that.