Monday, August 6, 2007

Performance metrics - the Windows Experience Index

I forgot to mention these before, but I ran the performance metrics provided by Windows Vista under System Information, with the computer in the out of the box configuration (did not change any settings or remove programs), and got the following benchmarks:

  • Processors (calculations per sec): 4.6
  • Memory: 4.5
  • Graphics (Aero): 2.9
  • Gaming graphics: 2.4
  • Primary HDD (disk transfer rate): 4.8
  • The higher the number, the better performance to expect. The current range of scores is 1.0 to 5.9, although Microsoft reserves the right to increase the high score at a later point (ha!)
  • Windows takes the lowest score of the five and makes it your Windows Experience Index (silly name for a benchmark!).
  • Microsoft's official Windows Vista blog by Nick White explains the Windows Experience Index (WEI)
  • A couple of independant takes on WEI from ZDNet here and here

    A few things I noticed when looking at the System Information:
  • The C: partition was 66gb total, with 49gb free (out of the box)
  • The D: partition was 8gb total, with 2gb free (out of the box)
  • NVidia has 64MB of memory dedicated, and 223MB shared
  • Primary resolution is 1280x800 (thus Wide XGA)
  • The last Norton update was received 2/28/07. This was obviously before I bought this notebook. If nothing else, it's a sign that it wasn't built in 1999 :)

    Battery Recharge
  • It looks like it takes about as much time to recharge as it has battery life. It took 2 hours and a few minutes to recharge while I was using it (browsing, dvd testing/playback, etc). I had it on the chillpad during the recharge, and I was surprised that it managed to keep it cool. It was warm, but nowhere near as warm when I am not using the chillpad. I didn't think that a silly little thing with two fans could make such a difference!


    Jim Millard said...

    I upgraded the hard drive and memory (100MB and 2GB, respectively) and the performance specs bumped up as follows:
    Memory: 5.2
    Graphics: 3.0
    Hard disk: 5.0

    The disk I installed is a 100GB/7200RPM Seagate Momentus 7200.1 ST910021AS (OEM). The RAM was 2 x 1GB Kensington KTH-ZD8000A/1G. Less than $200 from Newegg.

    May seem like an excessive expense for a $500 laptop, but the perceptible improvements in performance have been worth it, IMO.

    High Tech User Reviews said...

    Thanks for posting the benchmarks after the upgrade!

    You are right, they are worth it for the performance boost since this is a dual processor, so having more memory and a faster hard disk sounds like a good idea!

    From what I see in my computer (no upgrades) the processors are rarely the bottleneck. I have the CPU Meter gadget always on and glance at it from time to time to see what's happening.