Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Compaq Presario F572us on sale online

This guy is on sale right now as part of Staples web-only online deals. The $480 price is after a $30 rebate and an instant discount. You can also get the HP Deskjet D1341 printer for free after a $70 rebate. Details at the bottom of this page. I do not know when the online sale ends or if you can get the Staples stores to match their website's price. You can probably get them to price-match this though: You can also get the F572 this week at Circuit City for $450 without rebates as I mentioned earlier this week, on Sunday. On this very link, there are also links to two other user reviews of the Presario F572 posted at the forum.

If you want to dig around the offiical HP/Compaq websites for more details on this notebook, I have assembled some of the links here

One thing that I am still not sure on this model is whether the 12-cell HP battery is officially compatible with the F572. It doesn't show as an accessory on the HP Parts Store page, but this could be because the F572 is a separate model series from its sister notebooks. Some people in the user reviews mentioned here state that the battery does work with the notebook and increases battery life significantly. That battery can be found on sale at around $100, so it seems like a reasonable trade-off for those who want an extra battery and increased run time at the same time. I will try to find out more in the next few days!

Update 8/24: I have found the answer to the question of the 12-cell HP battery

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