Friday, August 17, 2007

Quick hitters (Recharging, Roxio and Fry's deals) [updated]

  • Recharging time: Charging while using the notebook seems to take about as long as the battery lasts: around 2 hours and change. I haven't measured (re)charging without using the computer, and I do not know if it makes a difference in recharge time
  • The Roxio Basic edition included with the computer will not allow you to make copies of your store-purchased DVD movies. This is yet another example of DRM Gone Wild. While I strongly support protecting people's intellectual property, the average consumer should not be treated like a thief by the media companies. The average consumer is their primary customers, they buy the movies and cds! Sony's rootkit debacle is a classic example of DRM gone wild. The upcoming DRM-free music stores by Amazon and Google (GBot or something like that) are perhaps a sign of common sense returning. Why am I whining about this? People want to make backups of their CDs and DVDs in case of media failure, or if they have kids who think the DVDs become shiny freesbies after they watch them :)
  • Another obscure DRM silliness that HP/Compaq has imposed on this computer is that you can only change the region code 5 times. I do not know if there are any workarounds.
  • Speaking of which the DVD drive is an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530B. And the hard disk drive is a Hitachi HDD HTS54... (I forgot the rest)
  • If you are looking for notebook deals, here is what they advertised in the newspaper by Fry's Electronics - mostly Toshiba models A135, A215, U305, and P205.
  • Also advertised is an HP Quickdock "Home Base" for $100 (no dock model # is listed, so I cannot tell whether it is compatible with this notebook (the Compaq Presario F572us)


    Jim Millard said...

    Region Code changes: HP/Compaq didn't impose this; it's pretty standard on all systems, due to the CSS group requirements.
    Hard Drive: The drive on mine was a Seagate Momentus 5400.4

    High Tech User Reviews said...

    Thanks for the clarification!