Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two other user reviews and the F572us is on sale this week: $450 at Circuit City (no rebates)

The Presario F572us is back on sale at Circuit City for $450 without rebates. But of course you can still take advantage of any rebate offers that apply for additional savings (eg printer or software purchases).

There are two other user reviews of this laptop at the NotebookReview forums. One by pac1687 and another by mikelets456. Check them out! is a great resource for laptops, but becareful not to become addicted to laptop buying and accessorizing :-)

A couple of more accessory items on sale have been added to the the earlier thread of Sunday paper ads. And I have bought Accessory #3. But that will be revealed at a later post... (I hate to close a post on a cliffhanger, but I doubt anyone really cares :)

But the F572 at Circuit City is not the only bargain laptop deal this week at the retail chain stores. For example, there are a couple of very promising deals at Office Depot: a similarly spec'ed Toshiba Satellite A135 at $450, and a Gateway MT3421 at $500. You have to send in mail-in rebates to get those prices at Office Depot. The F572 @ Circuit city is without rebates.


fake karl rove said...

whoosh! The F572US is a great deal, I think-- should fly off the shelves. I picked one up at Fry's Electronics with the same specs and price, actually, yesterday. It's a gift for someone, so I haven't actually cracked it open to try it out, but I figure for the basics (surf the web, MS Office, simple Photoshop work, watch the odd DVD), which is what's needed, it should be plenty adequate.

High Tech User Reviews said...

Yes, this is exactly that, a bargain value-packed notebook! It is definitely not a high-end in terms of performance or latest features, but for everyday activities it looks like a good match.