Monday, August 13, 2007

Why did I get this one?

Usually when I make a big purchase I spend time evaluating and comparing different models and things like that. But in this case, I didn't follow the normal process, but not by design. I was at a store and I saw that this notebook was on sale and it had rebates and bonus offers. So I quickly ran to the "Internets" to check if there were any fundamental problems and issues with it before risking a purchase. And that's where I found a giant FatWallet thread discussing this very computer.

The comments I saw were positive, and what I expected: a bang for the buck computer, expect around 2 hours of battery life with this 6-cell LiIon, and don't expect it to perform like a $1500 notebook.

What I was looking for was something around/under $500, but with a dvd burner and 1gb of RAM. Usually the sub-$500 notebooks had neither, or one of the two. Hard disk size is not an issue for me, so it didn't really matter. Wireless and USB ports are pretty much in every new notebook these days. Having Vista Premium was (ironically) a plus - if I jump onto the Vista bandwagon, I might as well get the more "advanced" version :)

A dual-core CPU was also a plus, but not something I was specifically looking for. Built-in webcam, multimedia center, built-in memory card readers are nice features, but I considered them nice to have but not necessary for this purchase. Having a choice of trendy fashionable vibrant colors for the notebook shell was a non-issue for me. Size and weight were not big issues either. It's not heavy by any means, and it's not lightweight or featherweight like some of the other notebooks that cost 2-4x as much.

The "built to last" sticker by Compaq gave me a little bit more confidence in it. (And that built-to-last sticker is something I will certainly remind HP/Compaq if something goes wrong with this notebook (hopefully it won't!)).

So with all the checkmarks in the right places, and the great deal at hand, and the fact that stock could quickly disappear, I had to make a quick decision. And I did. And I got it!

And if it wasn't for this situation, if I went through with my usual evaluation process, I could have easily bought a Toshiba or an Acer, or even an IBM or Dell if the price was right. Or more likely, I would still be (re)reading forums, reviews and spec sheets :-)

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