Saturday, September 8, 2007

A couple of issues with the Compaq Presario F572us

There's a couple of issues to report with the Presario F572us. First, while I was using the dvd drive, and while processing a DVD in the drive, an error message came up from the software. When I looked at Windows to see what the problem was, the dvd drive had disappeared (!!!) in the eyes of Windows Vista - it was not listed among the current drives (C: and D: were listed), and the orange light on the drive was off. This got me worried because I thought "what if the drive died?". So a reboot was in order, but before I tried that I wondered whether going in and out of hibernation would help. So I did that, closed the lid to put it in hiberation, waited a couple of minutes, and then opened the lid again. At first the blue power light on the top left corner and the blue power light on the front left side were flashing in unison for a couple of seconds, but then the computer came back to life and the optical drive was back in use. I repeated what I was trying to do without any further issues. This is the third optical drive related issue that I have encountered, so this is something to watch for...

The second issue I observed a couple of times so far: When the computer returned from hibernation (closing/opening the lid), the picture was stretched horizontally. It was still full frame but less of it. For example pages looked different before and after. This happeened with the notebook's display and at the time there was no other display connected. The trigger appeared to be returning from hibernation. I did not dig into the nVidia/Control Panel settings to figure out the differences/issues, but I'll look into it if/when it happened again.

Other than those two issues, I haven't had any other problems. I had a couple of marathon sessions (5-6 hours non-stop) with the USB cooler always underneath the laptop, and while heat increased over time, it was nowhere near as hot as it would be from 2 hours of use without the USB cooler. If the battery wasn't at the bottom of the notebook, I would glue the USB fan on (just kidding on the glueing part - DO NOT GLUE ANYTHING!)

And one more thing I forgot to mention earlier: Want a USB notebook light without actually buying or stealing one? Think again - you may already have one: pick up your USB optical mouse and its red light may be good enough :-)

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