Sunday, September 2, 2007

A few random thoughts on the Presario F572us

Here are a few random thoughts: Overall it continues to exceed expectations. I expected it to behave in a more entry-level fashion. Perhaps I'm not very demanding. I was able to run three different browsers with multiple tabs (Firefox 2.0, the latest Opera and the default IE) and I did not notice any significant slowness. This was using websites I frequently visit, I did not try to "test" it by loading up heavy-duty websites.

USB sticks are much more convinient in transferring stuff between computers than CDs or DVDs, especially if you are not transferring full DVDs but smaller files. And the transfer/copy speeds I have observed on the F572 between the USB 2.0 sticks and CDs are also a factor. Plus you have to burn CDs/DVDs (unless you are using a DVD-RAM formatted for data), but with USB sticks (flash drives) you just drag and drop or cut and paste (this when dealing with older/slower/less featured computers)

The top cover of the laptop is a fingerprint magnet. Period. But I guess this may be a security feature: If the laptop is stollen, they can figure out the guilty party by CSI'ing his/her fingerprints from the top cover :-)

I'm still trying to get a notebook case specifically for this computer, but so far I have not decided. Indecision 2007! I just want a simple bag without bling-bling and one that does not scream "I have an expensive laptop inside, steal me!". It doesn't help that I find some of the straps and other things hanging all over the bag annoying :-) My current candidate is a generic Targus clamshell case, but I have to make sure this laptop (and it's USB cooler fan shadow) can actually fit inside.

Speaking of the USB cooler, these little things are just amazing. I still can't believe that those tiny fans are able to cool it off so much. I basically put that under the computer all the time when it is in use or when it is sitting on an open surface. Imagine if you spill your coffee or water or soda on the table. Do you want to risk ruining a $500 laptop or a $15 cooler pad?

And if you are shopping for a new laptop this week there are some great deals at brick and mortar stores, ranging from sub-$400 really entry-level laptops to sub-$1000 17" widescreen models.

And if you like Targus bags, they have a promotional checkout code at for free ground shipping for any backpack or messenger purchased in Aug or Sept 2007 in the continental USA. Enter coupon code BTS_1 at checkout.


Jim Millard said...

I've been quite happy with the dell 'corporate backpack' cases that my company has been purchasing with dell laptops. I brought one home to see how well it would work with the F572US, and while it doesn't fit as tightly as the Dells do, it seems like a good fit. I would suspect that adding the 'cooling pad' at the same time might snug things up a bit, making for a better fit. Anyway, you can find these things for a great price on eBay instead of paying $60 to dell directly. I picked one up for $30 and look forward to receiving it later this week.

High Tech User Reviews said...

Thanks for all the posts and the updates and thanks for the tip on the Dell corporate backpack cases.

I always use the cooling pad on the notebook, not only because it cools it off significantly, but also it provides it with a layer of protection from the surface below. It's better to ruin a $15 cooling pad than a $500 laptop :)