Friday, September 14, 2007

My first blue screen! Woohoo!

You know it's not Windows unless it blue-screens! And it blue-screened on me for the first time. A real blue screen, complete with a dump, an XML file and a txt file that Microsoft could use to spy check on my computer to figure out what caused the problem. I wasn't really doing anything intensive or hardware related at the time. I merely had three browsers open and they were not doing anything either.

So I decided to see what Microsoft had to say about this by using the Problem Reprots and Solutions feature. I clicked on the bluescreen problema and pressed "Check for solutions". Sadly there was no solution from Microsoft. So much for that feature :-) Needless to say I am not going to turn it on to report automatically. I don't like that, it sounds a bit too Orwellian.

And one more thing, the squished screen when returning from a Close-Lid sleep continues to happen intermittently. Not everyone time it returns from sleep, but it happened more than once, which means is not a random coincidence.

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