Saturday, September 29, 2007

Power management re-alignment!

Okay, I came up with a new strategy on power management: The physical power button on the computer puts it in hibernation. Closing the lid puts it in sleep mode. This both for when connected on AC and when running on the battery. But if you prefer, you can adjust it differently for each power source.

But worry not with the physical power button. If you press and hold for more than five seconds the computer powers off regardless of what is programmed to the button. This is handy when you have a program that refuses to close and holds up rebooting or shutting down. I had to use this a couple of times, the last time was today when Norton's Hogware Security stumbled onto itself while trying to update itself with Live Update. This is the program with the freebie 60-day subscription that came with the computer. I did not purchase it!!!

Now that's a vote of confidence, a program that is supposed to protect your computer, yet it can't even update itself properly. Ouch!!!

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