Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Compaq F572us on Black Friday for $300AR at Circuit City!

According to the ads posted at, the Compaq Presario F572 will be offered for $300 after rebate on Black Friday at Circuit City stores!

This is an early bird special, and to get the $300 you do have to submit rebate(s) according to the information posted by Here is a picture courtesy of

As you have seen from our previous post that has gotten almost 60 comments, there is a new model out, the Compaq Presario F730us, however the lowest price for that model so far has been around $480 after rebate. The F572 is offered for $300 after rebate(s)!

For more details on the F572us, be sure to check this very blog you are now reading!


Anonymous said...

While this is kind of "interesting"??? & Circuit City's a good store that I really like . . .

I'd guess it is a LOSS LEADER" - ie - VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES promoted below cost to entice peeps into the store.

I've seen peeps wait in line over night & even for days to get these "loss leader deals" - & if that's your thing - GO FOR IT!

Not big news though - imo.

Thanks for the site anyways . . .

High Tech User Reviews said...

While it's not news for CNN, the purpose of this blog is to cover the F572. If the F572 sneezes, it's relevant :-) So when it's on sale for a lot less than the regular price, it's certainly news :)

Black Friday deals are not for everyone, but some people are able to get some great deals through planning and/or sheer luck. The people who are into the whole Black Friday thing are the target audience of this post :)

Anonymous said...

I don't recall any other product specific blogs/ forums so obsessed with the product's sale/price.

I'd venture to guess that most of the peeps here already OWN the F572 or F730 & probably don't have plans to add another any time soon.

While I don't care that if I wait in line for 3 days I might be able to get one for "99 cents after mail in rebates" why constantly remind peeps that they may not have gotten the "best deal"?

How about focusing on hardware, software, experiences, tips, tricks, suggestions, questions & answers, etc?

Your blog (& generally a useful one) - just a thought.


Happy Holidays!

High Tech User Reviews said...

Everyone's an editor in chief on the internet :)

Jim Millard said...

Looks like there's a known problem with the F500-series. Just received a message from HP that there's a BIOS update to modify the fan control algorithm. See for more details. My F572US was just returned from a motherboard replacement, most likely due to the overheat problem that the BIOS is meant to correct.

High Tech User Reviews said...

Thanks so much for the update! So there was a good reason why people were talking about over-heating. I have mine on a usb chiller pad all the time, which has other benefits too (buffer between the computer and surface, adds some height, etc).