Saturday, December 15, 2007

It looks like we have another F-series laptop landing! (The F730us Discussion)

If you have checked out this week's Sunday paper you may have noticed a new Compaq Presario F-series notebook advertised at very tempting prices. It is the Presario F730us at Staples, for the sexy price of $450 after a $30 mail-in rebate. This is very similar to this guy, but it has a 120gb hard disk (instead of 80gb) and a TK-55 processor (vs TK-53 of the F572us). I haven't compared the other specs in detail so I can't tell you much more.

Needless to say if this guy was a great deal at $450, the F730us sounds like an even better deal at the same price! Granted, I know nothing about this model, so if you want to take a chance on the F730us, be sure to check around the internet and the laptop message boards and forums for some reviews or at least more insight into it!

Speaking of the Sunday paper, there's some other really nice laptop deals, namely at Best Buy where a couple of entry-level models are avaiable for under $400. As it is often the case, the better the deal the faster they disappear, but you never know! Luck favors the bold (or the bald?)

Meanwhile back to this guy (the F572us), I was supposed to do the two months after review a couple of weeks ago, but it's running slightly late. Rest assured it will be posted before Thanksgiving :-)

A blog reader has purchased the Compaq Presario F730 and has just posted his first impressions in the comments section of this post, so be sure to check it out if you are interested in it! From what he describes, this sounds like it has a lot of similarities with the F572us spec-wise, but has a better processor and more hard disk while at the same price! Thanks to the reader posting it!

Update II
Another one of our blog readers have picked up the F730 and has added their hands-on first impressions in the Comments section. Check them out, and thanks for posting!

Update III
A couple more of our readers have shared their impressions and experience. One reader got rid of Vista and is happily running XP with a nice performance boost. Check out the comments for all the details! And thanks to the readers for sharing it with everyone else!

Update IV
We have more reader feedback on the F730us added in the Comments Section of this post! This post is a discussion on the F730us so please feel free to discuss it here! It is a sister notebook of the F572us, so this is of interest to owners of both laptops! I have adjusted the post title to make it more F730us-friendly :)

PS> There will be a short Blogger outage at 4pm pacific (7pm eastern) on Monday October 15, 2007.

Update V
The Blogger update is complete. All apologies if you experienced any technical difficulties during the blogger maintenance. A new user hands-on has been posted in the Comments section so be sure to check it out. The F730us is starting to look like a real steal at the $450AR Columbus Day deal at Staples. These deals can be cyclical so if you missed it the first time, keep your eyes open, and your price matching policies handy :) Its predecessor sister model, the F572us came back a few times in different stores at the $450AR (after rebate) price.

Update VI - Saturday October 20
Thanks to everyone for sharing their F730us experience in the Comments section! A couple of our readers have posted their WEI scores as well if you like to compare... Also, I just noticed that the F730us is advertised in this weekend's Fry's newspaper ad for $480 after a $30 mail in rebate. The Fry's website shows it as sold out, but I don't know what the store availability is. The Fry's website for the F730us. Please note their website shows the regular price, not the sales price. Perhaps because it is sold out?

Update VII - Sunday October 21
It looks like the F730us is back on sale! This time at Circuit City for $470. The downsize is that to get that price you have to send two rebates, the usual $30 rebate, and another $130 Circuit City rebate. But if you are good at keeping track of rebates, then it's a nice price! Also if you buy online pick up at the store, you could get an extra discoutn from the likes of Fat Wallet, Shop Discover, Upromise, etc, etc. For more details on the F730us please check the Comments section of this post. There are over 30 comments posted, and first hand impressions from a number of F730 users. One user is able to run 64-bit Ubuntu 7.0 on the F730us.

Update VIII - Friday October 26
The Compaq Presario F730us is back on sale, this time $480 after a $30 mail-in rebate at Fry's Electronics. This is advertised in Fry's pullout ad in today's newspapers (Friday).

Update IX - Monday November 5
Check the Comments section, there are 50+ comments on the F730 which is on sale until November 10 at Radio Shack for $550 after rebate. Not the best of prices though, Circuit City has a Toshiba for $500, and that's definitely worth a look as well!

Update X - Sunday November 11
And we are back! The F730us is back on sale at Circuit City. This time it is at $480 after a $30 mail-in rebate only! This is featured on the back of the Circuit City weekly circular, which you can find in your Sunday paper or your local Circuit City store (or website). What's even more important for price-matchers, is that you can take this ad to your favorite retailer, and ask them for a price match. Providing of course that your favorite retailer has a price matching policy (some even have a 110% price match guarantee) and that they do carry the Compaq Presario F730. One of the things that is at times fuild with price-matching policies is how the rebate is handled. But also pay attention to the rebate details, if it is a national rebate, it may work with any store. Or your favorite retailer may also have the same or a similar rebate offer on this computer model.

For a nice discussion on the F730 and comparison to the F572, check the Comments section of this post, there are 55 comments posted right now.

It looks like we have a clone, the F732NR at Office Max
Today's Office Max Sunday paper circular for the week is featuring the Compaq Presario F732 (aka F732NR). The specs and the computer itself look quite similar to the F730us. The fact that the F732NR is advertised as an Office Max exclusive is another sign that points to a clone for marketing purposes. And it makes it very hard to price match it if it is a different model name, even though it may be the same computer.

Update - Sunday November 18, 2007
Look inside the Sunday paper F730 fans! The Best Buy ad features this very laptop for $480 and no rebates. And not only can you buy it at Best Buy at that price, but you can also take the ad to your favorite big box retailer and ask them for a price match. Some stores, like Staples, have a 110% price match guarantee, which means you are going to get it for slightly less, 10% of their price difference. And no rebates!

Update - Sunday December 16, 2007
Be sure to check the Comments section with more questions and answers on the F730us! There's almost 90 comments posted now.

And for those interested in purchasing one, the deal is back at Staples (December 16 to 22, 2007). You can get the F730us for $430 after a $30 easy rebate. You can also get a free printer after mail-in rebate ($70 rebate). This is certainly one of the best "bang for the buck" laptops out there considering you are getting a dual-core processor, 120gb hard disk, super multi format dvd burner, a nice 15.4" widescreen display, and much more.

Update - Friday December 27, 2007
If you are looking to buy this laptop you are in luck! Staples is advertising it in their upcoming circular for just $430 after a $30 Easy Rebate! The offer will go "live" on Sunday December 30, 2007 and will be good for the whole week, until Saturday January 5, 2008. This is a great deal given that this is a feature-packed laptop!